Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do tow truck drivers require certain training?
A: Yes, tow truck drivers attend a specialized, advanced training program. Once they have completed the requirements set by the program, the drivers are tested and then certified. To ensure that the drivers are always up to date on the newest and latest techniques, tow truck drivers keep up on regular training.

Q: Does the DMV require special licensing for tow truck drivers?
A: No. It is required by most companies that tow truck drivers have a clean driving record and the required certifications.

Q: Would there be any problems if my custom, the lowered vehicle needed towing?
A: No, most of the time lowered vehicles can be towed with conventional methods. Although, special accommodations can be used if need be.

Q: I just got into an accident, why am I being advised to have my vehicle towed to a mechanic’s shop or a towing yard?
A: There are a number of reasons why. The first is that you will not have to pay the tow bill. Second, this will cause the insurance adjuster to come to inspect your vehicle, and any other vehicles involved, sooner to keep from accruing charges.

Q: When I call the towing company, what information do I need to provide?
A: It is important to provide the make, model, year, and color of your vehicle. Please let us know your license plate number. Also, be as specific as possible when describing where you are, such as nearby landmarks, street names, or closest mile markers. The company will need your phone number and where the car is being towed. If you can, provide information on what is wrong with your car, whether its mechanical failure, a flat tire, or damage after an accident.

Q: Why should I choose your company when there are so many others?
A: Evansville Towing prides itself on delivering reliable towing at a fair and honest price. You won’t find any hidden fees or tricks with us! We’re committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. With our staff of experienced and highly trained tow truck drivers, we always use the most appropriate towing method for your car to minimize all risks and ensure your car gets to its destination in the same condition.

Q: When are you open?
A: Our highly trained staff is available for your towing and roadside assistance needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Q: If my vehicle is being towed, do I need to be there?
A: No, all that is needed are the keys to the vehicle. If you choose not to stay with your vehicle while you wait for us to arrive, just be sure to provide the location of your keys along with all the other information mentioned above.

Q: Can the police legally tow my car?
A: Yes. There are many reasons why the police may need to tow your vehicle. If the police need to tow a car for safekeeping or to conduct a more thorough search, they may tow the car. If the car or driver isn’t validly licensed or being arrested, cars that have been abandoned or that are illegally parked, and if a vehicle is interrupting a public interstate, the police may tow it.

Q: Was my car stolen or towed?
A: If you haven’t seen your car in over two hours, call the police. They will be able to confirm whether or not the vehicle was towed.

Q: How long before a car gets towed if it’s sitting on the side of the road?
A: If the vehicle isn’t causing a traffic hazard, police must place a sticker, either bright green or bright orange, on the vehicle and have to wait 24 hours before they are allowed to tow it.

Q: If my car gets towed does it affect my insurance?
A: While we can’t comment on every insurance agency, using roadside assistance doesn’t affect your rate. Although the tow itself may not change your insurance rating, overusing roadside assistance may.

Q: What do I do if a car is blocking my driveway?
A: The first step is to report the vehicle that is either partially or completely blocking your driveway. The police may ticket the vehicle. Once the vehicle has a ticket, you may contact a private towing company to get the vehicle moved. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for paying the towing fees.