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When you are in search of an affordable and responsive towing company in Evansville, IN, call on Towing, Roadside Assistance & Lock-Out Services of Evansville. We have put together an impressive team of professional drivers to assist with your many towing and roadside service needs. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you are driving, our drivers have the experience needed to effectively assist with your service needs. During a time of need, you want to have drivers who know how to figure out your problems and provide you with the right solution.

Even though there are so many tow truck companies in the area, ours is still preferred to many of the others. This is, in part, due to the affordability of our services. You are already in an unpleasant situation and we don’t want to make matters worse by charging you a ridiculous amount of money for the services that you need. You’ll always receive fair pricing when you rely on us for your service needs.

​In addition to our towing services, we offer many practical roadside services, such as lock-out services, jumpstart, fuel delivery, and more. You don’t have to throw away money every month on a plan offered to you by a motor vehicle club. Just spend the money as needed. We act quickly to get our customers the help they need, which is one of the primary reasons so many rely on us for their roadside service needs. Our drivers have experience with vehicles of every make and model and they treat your vehicle like it was their very own. ​

​Learn more about each of our services below: 


Whenever your car breaks down suddenly, it can be a daunting experience. You’re not sure what’s wrong with the car, and even worse, you’re not sure how you’re going to get it to someone who can help you fix the issues. Luckily, our team offers comprehensive towing services for all types of make and models so you can have confidence that we can help you. 

We’ll work quickly to get to you in your time of need, quickly working to get you set up on the tow truck and take you where you need to go. We know many people worry about towing companies wasting time to try and increase costs. Our focus is on getting the job done effectively and quickly so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Roadside Assistance

Whenever you find yourself broken down on the side of the road, you may not be sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, and even worse, you’re not sure who to call. At the end of the day, you need a team of experienced professionals who can come out and help you anytime you need it. Our team at Evansville Towing has significant experience with vehicles of all makes and models, including minor mechanical experience, to try and help you.

Our roadside assistance team will come out quickly so you’re not left waiting for too long. Once we get to you, we’ll focus on your needs and work to provide you with the most effective solution possible. We want you to feel confident in our team from the moment we get to you so you can have peace of mind during an already difficult time.

Fuel Delivery

Seeing your gas gauge hit the “E” can be one of the more defeating feelings. You always think that you have just enough to gas to make it the next station, and the moment you run out can be difficult to endure. Our team offers safe and quick fuel delivery so you can make it to the gas station without a problem.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind regarding fuel delivery is safety. Fuel is highly flammable and unsafe procedures when transporting it can lead to significant problems. Our team knows how to safely transport fuel to you so you’re not only safe, but you can get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

Jump Start

A dead battery can quickly stop your vehicle on the road. It’s not only dangerous, but it is difficult to endure as you figure out what comes next. Unfortunately, not everyone carries jumper cables in their vehicles, and it’s easy to find yourself looking for options. Our team will work to get to you quickly and jump-start your vehicle so you can continue your drive. Keep in mind, you may still need a battery replacement if it’s bad. A jump start may not be permanent.

Lock-Out Services

Countless people lock themselves out of their vehicles each year. Unfortunately, there are not too many options to get your keys out if your vehicle is locked and you don’t have a spare set. Our team will come quickly to safely get your vehicle unlocked so you can get your keys or get to where you need to go.

Tire Change or Repair

Your tires are essential and nobody wants to hear the sound of a flat or the rims grinding on the concrete. Unfortunately, it happens and you need someone to work quickly to get to you and either repair or change your tire. Your donut will only last so long and you must ensure you’re not traveling faster than dictated on the donut itself. 

We’ll be there quickly with your best interests in mind. No matter your service needs, our team is committed to getting you back on the road. For more than two decades, our towing company in Evansville, IN has been the trusted name when it comes to various roadside assistance services. We’ve utilized our experience and knowledge to help countless people over the past 20+ years and you can feel confident that we’re ready to help you too.

If you need towing, roadside assistance, or any of the services we mentioned above, we encourage you to call us for excellent work at fair prices. We’re here for you when you need us most.

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