Americans are keeping their vehicles much longer and also driving further than in the past. Today, the average age of cars on the road is greater than 9 years as well as more than 68 percent of automobiles have more than 75,000 miles. As a vehicle’s engine ages, its efficiency reduces and oil begins to break down at a much faster pace. Over time, seals begin to degrade, gaskets become brittle and oil consumption rises – all causing a decrease in engine efficiency. Treating your high-mileage car with a little  Care as well as continually adhering to the 9 policies for high-mileage vehicle maintenance will help your vehicle last longer and run more efficiently. Utilizing premium motor oil specifically formulated for higher-mileage cars will aid a higher-mileage vehicle run better.

Rule #1

Make certain you change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles– whichever comes first. No exemptions. Think about your engine as the heart of your automobile and motor oil as the blood of the engine. One can’t operate without the other, so remain on top of your oil-change schedule.

Rule #2

Find a reliable auto mechanic. Find a shop staffed by ASE-certified technicians (that’s the National Institute for Automotive Solution Excellence) if you don’t do your own maintenance. An excellent auto mechanic will listen to your questions as well as explain procedures plainly.

Rule #3

Has your tire pressure checked at least once a month? It’s the best way to avoid an unanticipated emergency. Any tire shop can quickly as well as conveniently do the check. Make sure to rotate your tires as well and check their alignment as a component of routine maintenance (or with every other oil change).

Rule #4

Pay attention to warning lights. Vehicles, like people, have their peculiarities as well as you are sure to promptly learn what is normal for yours.

Rule #5

Take notice of exterior signs. If your car or truck is leaking liquids, it can imply a major problem. Keep an eye on the conditions of your driveway or garage for stains or spots that can warn you of any possible leaks. High Mileage motor oil has unique conditioners that assist protecting and keeping seals from going bad, consequently aiding to lower leakage. A typical issue in older, higher-mileage engines. Also if your high-mileage automobile appears fine, that’s no guarantee it is.

Rule #6

Prepare your auto for the seasons. Preparing your high-mileage auto to protect against the components will certainly reduce its opportunities of needing repairs as well as save you money in the long run. 

Rule #7

Check your fluids consistently. It threatens your high-mileage vehicle to get low on fluids, so be sure to watch the crucial fluids. Simply lift the hood. Use the dipstick to inspect the oil level; a quick glance at the reservoir tank will let you know if you need more antifreeze.

Rule #8

Store it properly. Storing your car in a dry, warm area when it is not in use will certainly protect against dreadful damage on both its exterior and interior. Garage your automobile whenever feasible to safeguard its appearance.

Rule #9

Airbags, anti-lock breaks and any kind of other extra security features that you might have included in your car should be carefully checked on a normal basis (when your cars and truck has a tune-up) to make certain that in case of a mishap, they will execute their vital, life-saving features.