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Whenever you’re driving on the road, it’s easy to forget just how important some of the many aspects of your car are. Unfortunately, it’s a quick reminder should you ever encounter a problem. One of the problems you may encounter (and it’s a quite common one) is a flat or blown out tire. The sound you hear when you have a flat is never a welcome one, and it’s important to find someone who can help you out of a difficult situation quickly. This is what you get when you rely on Evansville Towing.

Part of our roadside assistance services is our tire change service. If you have a flat or your tire comes off then we want you to contact us for the top-of-the-line Towing, Roadside Assistance & Lock-Out Services of Evansville. Our tire change and repair is one of the most widely requested services that we offer. By hiring the most qualified drivers to help with your service needs, we can help more motorists. All of our drivers have the necessary skills needed to effectively assist with your tire change needs no matter the type of vehicle you drive.

Hire a Professional

When we are asked to help with a flat tire we realize that when we arrive that the customer is upset and agitated. It is usually when they are in a hurry that they need our help. We don’t want to contribute to an already frustrating situation and that is why we don’t waste time providing you with the help that you need. Hiring a professional service provider means that you can receive the quality of service that you deserve. A professional service knows how to satisfy the needs of their customers and they go out of their way to do so.

Even more, our experienced professionals help you to understand the best options for you. We’ll explain whether you need to repair your tire with a quick fix or when it’s suitable to replace the tire completely. For instance, if you suffer a small puncture from a nail (not a screw), you may be able to plug the flat and get back on the road and change your tire later. If you experience tread separation and your tire blows out completely, a replacement is necessary. We’ll help you understand which is best for you so you make the choice to get you back on the road.

Ways to Avoid a Flat

You don’t know when you might have a flat tire but one thing you can do is try to prevent it from occurring. As long as you drive you are susceptible to the possibility of a flat tire. However, by having your tires routinely examined, you can avoid a flat. A professional mechanic will thoroughly evaluate each tire to see if the tread is low or if the tire needs any type of repairs. Having the repairs made as quickly as possible may help you avoid a flat.

A few other things that you can do to help is the following:

  • Ensure tire pressure is adequate
  • Stay on the roads and away from rough terrain
  • Don’t drive on bald tires

Your tire pressure can tell you about potential leaks and other problems. Also, weather can have a significant impact on your tires and the amount of pressure they have. In hotter weather, it’s easy to see the pressure in your tires expand. In colder weather, the PSI may be much lower and it can impact the wear and tear on your tires. Make sure you are checking regularly to ensure the tire pressure is within the amount within your vehicle manual. 

Remain Safe

If you experience a tire blowout this is something that can be dangerous for you and those on the road. If you have a blowout then it would be best to rely on our qualified drivers to help replace your tires. However, make sure you’re taking the most effective steps to stay safe. Pull your vehicle off to the side of the road with enough room to stay clear of any traffic on the road. Once you’re safely off to the side of the road, you can call for our help. Make sure you’re not too close to the roads as not all drivers are paying attention as they should.

Call us first to ensure that you receive help sooner than later. We want you to remain safe and we know that by allowing our drivers to attend to your tire change needs, you can. They will take the time to make sure the job is done right and that your tires are securely installed before allowing you to pull off. We’ll take every precaution necessary to ensure we’re jacking up your vehicle safely so it doesn’t move or fall off. We’ll use the proper tools and gloves to ensure we’re completely safe throughout the process. 

Affordable Tire Change or Repair​

If you are searching for an affordable tire change service in Evansville, you have arrived at the right place, Evansville Towing. With our Towing, Roadside Assistance & Lock-Out Services of Evansville, you can have peace of mind at any time. We proudly offer the most affordable prices in the area, which means that everyone who needs help can receive it. Don’t continue calling around to find affordable tire change or repair services because we beat all competitor prices. Don’t hesitate to call us first, as we are sure that you won’t find tire change or repair services in Evansville for any less than what we offer.

We’ve been a trusted name in the community for more than 20 years. Our customers recognize us as a locally-owned and operated company with the best interests of our customers in mind at all times. We don’t charge for services you don’t need, and we’ll be quick on the job to ensure fair pricing every time. When you need us most, know that our experienced professionals are prepared to help you as soon as you call. Although we cannot help change a flat tire on a motorcycle, we do offer Motorcycle Towing.

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