Why won't my car start

Imagine the feeling of going to your car, expecting it to crank right up so that you can be on your way, and you discover it will not start. It can be a scary and dreadful feeling. Or perhaps you are experiencing that as you read this looking for an answer. Well, I intend on giving you some things that you can check on before you call a tow truck or a mechanic in the information that follows:

Is the car making a clinking sound?

If you are trying to start your car and you hear a clicking noise, this indicates that your battery is dead. Make sure your headlights, interior lights, radio, and air conditioning are turned off. Next, make sure your battery terminals are tight on the battery.  Let the car sit for a minute or so and try it again. If it doesn’t start and is still clicking you will need to get a jump-start or a new battery. If you have a manual transmission and are on a hill, you can carefully attempt to roll it and pop out the clutch to push start it.

Does the engine turn over but does not start?

If your engine turns over but does not start, make sure your air filter is clean and make sure you have gasoline in your tank. It is possible you are not getting a spark to your plugs. If you are able, you can check your spark plugs for a spark. If you are still unable to get it to start you will need professional advice.

Does your car start for a moment and then shut off?

If you have an older model car that has a carburetor, you can check the choke on the carburetor to ensure it is opening and closing.  If your car is fuel injected you will need professional advice.

Do you have trouble getting your car to start on cold days?

Like the last situation, if you have trouble starting your car in cold weather if you have a carburetor again make sure the choke on the carburetor is opening and closing. But if you have a fuel-injected automobile you will likely need to have a mechanic look at it.

Do you have trouble starting your car on rainy days?

If you have trouble starting your car on rainy days you may need to check the inside of the distributor cap for moisture. If you do find moisture, turn it upside down sprat it with WD-40 or some type of solvent, and wipe it out. Then replace the cap and attempt to start the car again.